Policies for an Enjoyable Stay!
  • Minimum Stay: There is a 2-night minimum stay requirement
  • Check In Time: 3 PM, or earlier (by prior arrangement only) 
  • Check-out: 11 AM or later (by prior arrangement only)
  • Deposit: A deposit equal to first night rental is required to hold reservation, payable by personal check, money order or credit card/check via Paypal (fees applicable)
  • Bed Linens/Towels: One full set provided at no additional cost. Please bring towels for river, hot tub, and other activities. There is no daily maid or linen service available. A cleaning and linen change will be made for stays longer than one week
  • Chalet Occupancy:  Chalet offers lodging for up to 6 guests. All rates are based on Double Occupancy. Each guest over 2 adults, will require an additional fee of $25 per guest, per night
  • Telephone: There is no land line. Cell phone service is available with most carriers
  • Pets: Pets are not allowed at this time. Service animals are welcome. Pet boarding services can be obtained through Mystic Pet Resort and Spa - (540) 743-5004 Boarding, Grooming and Pet Retail
  • Fire Prevention and Smoking: There is no smoking permitted inside our property. Cigarette butts are not to be thrown on the ground and any other smoking related waste is to be properly extinguished and immediately disposed of after use. During county announced fire danger conditions, campfires are prohibited. Extreme caution is to be exercised when grilling and smoking.  All ashes and used coals are to be disposed of in the marked metal bucket provided in the recycling center. Fire extinguisher is provided for emergency purposes. A $300 cleaning fee will be charged for smoking inside of property.
  • Personal Hygiene Supplies: Toothpaste and hair care products are not provided. Basic paper toiletries are provided for the length of your stay.
  • Wildlife: There is no hunting allowed on the property. There will be lots of deer, birds, and maybe even a snake or bear. Please use caution not to disturb any wildlife!
  • Waste Management: All trash must be bagged and placed in designated area at end of stay. Guests are encouraged to recycle materials. All waste water on the property is processed through septic systems – NO synthetic or non-biodegradable materials or chemicals are to be flushed into the septic system.
  • Weapons: No lethal weapons of any kind are permitted on the property without the owners’ prior approval.  
  • Alcohol and Drug policy: All consumption of alcohol should follow VA state laws of 21 years of age. Use of Illegal Drugs or improper use of alcohol may result in expulsion from property and loss of deposit and payments.  
  • Security: Guests assume responsibility for securing their valuable and personal items. Although priority is given to protecting the privacy of guests, the owners reserve the right of access to the cabins for maintenance and safety purposes.
  • Hot tub / Spa: Hot tub/Spa is used at own risk. Please adhere to warnings for use by children and pregnant women. A cleaning fee will be charged if used improperly (spilled liquids, alcohol, foreign objects). No glass is permitted around hot tub. By State law, no persons under the age of 16 should be permitted to use hot tub.
  • Access to Property: Property is accessed by door code. Stay will need to be paid in full before check-in to receive door code. Check-in should be done prior to arrival, as owners are not on property. Owner is local and available if there are any questions or problems at the property.
  • Accidents: Owners are not responsible for accidents that occur on property resulting in personal or personal property injury. 

Chalet should be left in same condition as upon arrival. Please notify owners of any damage before check-out. All dishes should be washed and placed to dry before checkout. Linens should be left on beds, and towels gathered in bathroom. Trash should be bagged and removed from property. A recycling center is available in both north and south directions on Route 340.
View from our River Access
  • Holiday and fall foliage season (Oct-Nov) cancellations received less than 14 days prior to arrival will be charged for the entire reservation price unless owner can re-book.We will not attempt to re-book your cabin should you cancel your reservation on the day of your arrival.
  • There is a $25.00 fee for any cancellations after booking. Cancellations made 5 days or less prior to stay, will be charged a fee equal to first night's stay.
  • If a reservation is ended early, there will be a charge of 50% per day, for each remaining day of your reservation, excluding holidays and fall foliage season, when charge will be the full amount for the remainder of the booking.
  • All cancellations must be received by phone.